Emilio Isgrò - Autocurriculum

Book presentation by and with EMILIO ISGRÒ, edited by Sellerio, with Luca Beatrice and Marco Bazzini, Historian and Art Critic

The eclectic Sicilian artist tells about himself, from his debut as poet in Milan at the end of the 50’s to the international success as artist exhibiting at MoMa of New York and Centre Pompidou of Paris. Among these, his creature: the “cancellatura”. He recollects, using a lot of adjectives, the story of his encounters: There are Giò Ponti “pontificial”; Enzo Mari “feverish”; Fausto Melotti “melancholy and smiling”, Italo Calvino “arrogant”, Giancarlo Menotti “Frustrated”, Aldo Palazzeschi “toddling” and so on. 

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